Tydings has a long history of representing businesses in the automotive industry.  We have taken leadership roles in regional and national litigation, often in cases that span multiple jurisdictions.  We have advocated on behalf of our clients at trial and on appeal, in federal and state courts.

Claims we handle commonly involve complex mechanical issues, warranties, lemon laws, fraud, deceptive trade practices, and an array of consumer complaints.  Thanks to our decades of experience in this industry, we have a clear understanding of how to defend against and resolve such claims, whether by trial or alternative means.

Our relationships with experts in the automotive industry and related fields allow us to manage the most technical matters thoroughly and efficiently.  We are familiar with all applicable state and federal laws, and we understand plaintiffs’ lawyers who litigate against the automotive industry, their litigation tactics, and how to stop them.

We pride ourselves on partnering with our clients.  Our goal is to keep our clients fully informed and in control so that they, in turn, can keep management informed and aware of events.  We are equipped to comply with all planning, budget, and billing requirements.

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