2012 Baltimore County Comprehensive Zoning Map Process

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09/20/2011 11:43 AM

Once every four years, the Baltimore County Council allows county residents and businesses to file a petition for zoning reclassification on their property in the county. The open filing period has commenced, and this is your best opportunity to have your property reclassified. Anyone can file a petition for zoning reclassification during the open filing period which expires October 14, 2011. If you fail to file your petition during the open filing period, no reclassification can be made without the planning staff, director, or a member of the Baltimore County Council initiating the procedure, although you can apply for variances or exceptions outside of the reclassification period. New Baltimore County Comprehensive Zoning Maps will be finalized in November 2012.

If your property’s current zoning classification is impeding you from moving forward with your plans for development, or if you simply desire to change or expand the permitted uses on your property, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this reclassification process.

To discuss the process, timeline, and your opportunity to effect zoning changes to your property, you may contact a member of the Real Estate Department.

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